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New projects added

Hello everybody, we just updated the projects section – some were removed, new added. Look and enjoy. If you want Jacek to create a painting upon one of presented sketches – please contact us....

Jacek Yerka Third day of creation

The Big Fish

The newest work: pastel “Third day of creation” available in store  

Jacek Yerka, Walking lesson

Busy Fall

There are often weeks or months, when we almost have nothing available of Jacek paintings. It is true – he paints a painting long, depending on complexity of project, size and , most importantly...

Selling new items

This summer was full of pastels ! Jacek is still working on some large project but just for refreshing ideas he painted several pastels during hot summer months. We sold about 4 of them...

Yerka Summer Radio pastel

New pastel works

We have new pastel works available for sale:               1. Sierra Telegraphica – it is based on one of the beloved Yerka motives – a dinosaur. The background...

New projects arrived

  Hello everybody, We just added two new projects for acrylic paintings – Summer on Madera and Third day of Creation. It is a commonly asked question we are asked – how I can...

Three paintings on auction in June

On 16th  June sale in Agra-Art  one outstanding acrylic painting and two pastel works will be offered. All three were created in early 2000 years. Life is born, 2001, 92×81 cm, acrylic on canvas.

Projects section is updated

We have added new projects for acrylic and pastel works. They are just the first ideas, the final works are much more complex. If you want to order an acrylic or pastel work please...

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