How to purchase or order

What you can buy.

You can purchase the Yerka Art in different ways, depending on your needs and how much you intend to spend.

  1. Acrylic paintings

    – the most valuable and decorative kind of art, painted on canvas with acrylic paints.
    They are also most expensive, that is not surprising when you know how much time the Artist has to spend to create it. Usually a new acrylic work is a great event. Works made on this medium have outstanding brightness, most vivid colours resulting in three-dimensional effects. Using acryl, it enables the Artist to show all details of his complex works.
    You can find acrylics paintings on Agra-Art Auctions both on current main auctions of Polish Contemporary Art or in Online Gallery section. 
    Agra-Art auctions are also displayed on Liveauctioneers site.

  2. Pastel paintings

    – made on soft paper with special pastel crayons, also require lots of time of work, however they may not be able to  render so much details and express less three-dimensional effect than acrylics. Instead of this, they give smoothness and softness of forms and provide full colour of clear pigments. Pastel works are often used by Yerka as preliminary projects of future acrylic paintings.
    You find pastel paintings on Agra-Art Auctions both on current main auctions of Polish Contemporary Art or in Online Gallery section. 

  3. Giclees

    – it is a new born technique of reproduction of a work based on the original item – a limited edition high quality signed prints.
    They are made in issues of 19 or 50 pieces, each is signed by the Artist and numbered (for ex. 3/19 means third of 19 issued). Giclee is a follower of lithograph or serigraph.

    Yerka giclee certificate sample

    Yerka giclee certificate sample

    Each giclee is accompagnied by a certificate signed by the Artist and the Print House.
    Giclees are sold unframed or framed in wooden frame with passepartout behind glass.

    Giclees are offered by Agra-Art Nova Graphics online shop, where you can browse through almost hundred pieces. Online payments (also Paypal) are possible and shipping to Europe/US/Can also is supported.

  4. Drawings

    – made with pencil (or crayons) on paper, they are mostly projects or sketches of larger compositions. Despite its sketchy style , they are highly finished and charming, often desired by collectors.
    Drawings appear regularly once a month on Agra-Art online auctions – just lookup our Facebook page or subscribe to our newsletter to know what is available. 

The information about framing is available at the work description.
Giclees are mostly sold without frame, while pastels and acrylics  have frames.


How to order an acrylic (pastel)  painting

Some acrylic paintings and pastels can be found on Agra-Art auctions. Sometimes the old works come back to us and are put on sale as well.
If you intend to order an acrylic painting please refer to available projects, pick one and send us email at


How to order a giclee

You can order a giclee based of a chosen painting. Not all paintings are suitable for making giclees – as some of them have such richess of colours that giclee technique is not able to render it properly.

Buying or ordering is easy :

  • Some of giclees are available at once – as we may have it in stock. You can check it in our new Giclee Shop.
  • If the one you look for is not available we can make it upon your order. First send us number, title or picture of the painting upon which you would like the giclee to be made. We check if the work is registered as giclee – means if Yerka approved the mother file to use in printout.
  • The process of preparing the giclee takes from 2  to  4 weeks.


You may consult the hammer prices taken for Yerka Art at the Agra-Art site – or just follow this link

Intellectual property

All graphic files, reproductions, titles are copyright protected. All usage of the material found on this website is subject to the written consent of the Artist or the Agent .
All usage of other material, being intellectual property of the Artist also requires his written consent and agreement.

Please read our new announcement about forged, misattributed or illegal use of Jacek Yerka works.

How to pay ?

All payments are to be made through Artist’s Agent – Agra-Art SA.
All prices are based on Polish currency and quoted in Euro.

You can choose:

  • Internet secure site of Agra-Art –
  • Bank transfer to Agra-Art account (Euro): PL96 1240 6218 1978 0010 7726 1703 with Bank PKO SA Polska o/Warszawa
  • Acceptance Mark   We also do PayPal. You can claim a mailed Paypal invoice or use Buy-it-now buttons.
    Alternatively you can also use credit card through Paypal.

Shipping and handling

All works of Mr Yerka do not require payable export license when sending out of Poland.
We ship unframed giclees in a carton tube by registered post package.
For framed works we ensure proper and safe packing in carton boxes with bubble wrap and foam fillings and use Fedex  courrier service by default. 
Go to our packing & shipping section to see examples of rates.