About Yerkaland

Welcome to the Yerkaland !

We are very happy you have found this site throughout the endless global web space, attracted by the originality and mastership of Mr Yerka works.

This site has been created as a result of cooperation between Mr Jacek Yerka and Agra-Art SA, for the purpose of promoting, showing and selling the Art as well as for gathering all people who became enchanted by the worlds presented by Jacek in his paintings.

After long talks we came to the conclusion, that the Artist should focus mostly on his work, leaving the every day chores to someone who would be responsible for promotion, communication and selling.

Agra-Art, represented by Konrad Szukalski is now the sole Agent of Mr Yerka, taking care of all commercial matters (as selling, shipping, ordering) and also acting as a representative and information source.

All queries regarding prices, special orders, questions, requests from press and media should be adressed through this site, either through the different forms or directly using the email: jacek@yerka.pl.

We will answer to all legitimate emails and questions.

The official web adresses of Mr Yerka are : www.yerka.pl and www.yerkaland.com (they point to the same content).
All information that appears on this site comes directly from the Artist or his Agent.

Other sites presenting information about the Artist and/or shwoing his works may become members of our affiliation program that will start shortly.

Please be advised that all reproductions and text presented on this website is copyright protected, so any usage of the content of this site must have Artist or Agent approval.

Thank You,

Jacek Yerka & Konrad Szukalski