Commissioned works


All works of Jacek Yerka are copyright protected and use of images (or parts of it) requires separate arrangements and consent of the Author.

printing and publishing

If you would like to use Jacek work on CD cover, book cover or for other printing material please contact us through email including short description of your project (including print-run, territoriality, selected images etc).
We will then determine the license fee.
We are able to provide high definition scans of paintings that may be usable for printing works.

web non-profit sites

If you run private web service like blog or forum that is thematically connected to Jacek Yerka works, and want to publish some of his paintings you can do it free of charge, provided the information about the author and link to the Yerka website will be visibly included.
You may copy the images from the website if you respect the above mentioned terms.
You may do it only if your service is free for public, if you charge for your content, these conditions do not apply.

other works

We are open to any project where Jacek Yerka works may be useful – including animation, publicity area or graphic design.