Three paintings on auction in June

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  1. Angels Tuset says:

    I’ m interested to buy an acrylic or pastel paintings, but I don’t know how do it. Could you inform me ?
    I love the imagination of Mr. Yerka. I discovered him in facebook five years ago. And since that day sometimes I need to connect with yerkaland for dreaming. Perhaps there are protests in his paintings but i like how he paints them.

    Excuse me for my English, I’m from Andorra

  2. Adnan Salihoglu says:

    Dear Sir ,
    i like very much your works,
    is it possible to get you actuels works pictures by mail to buy. (with prices )
    all the best

  3. admin says:

    Look at,
    usually the available painting we also list in this website but as Agra-Art is managing sales of Jacek works the earliest update is always on their site
    Or, if you want to order a painting, first look at project section here, choose a projest and write us at jacek/at/