Database of works

In this section you can browse among works already created by Jacek Yerka. We are trying to make a complete database of his works, including drawings and pastels. It is a difficult task, because some paintings were created in 1980/90 decades and no images of them are available.
Jacek made over 300 acrylic works so far, but here you will find only half of the number – so if you have his painting that is not listed here we will be grateful to know about it.

In this section you will also find collection of drawings, that are used by Jacek for picturing some motives that will be used in larger compositions. Some motives can be found in complete acrylic works, some still wait for the chance to appear.

Most of the works here are sold and hang in private collections.
Works available for sale can be found in our Art Shop section.

This gallery can be also the good resource if you would like to purchase a giclee that is not present in the Art Shop – just mail us your request along with title and no of the painting.

For pricing reference you can browse Agra-Art archive website showing Jacek Yerka works sold on auctions.

Browse and admire !