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Jacek Yerka Gallery of paintings

Jacek Yerka - The private wave - acrylic/canvas

Title: The private wave

media: acrylic/canvas

size: 66x84 cm

Jacek Yerka comments on this work:

Private Wave, more precisely all that is painted o this picture is one of few reasons why I will ever stay in Poland and never move outside the country for a longer time. Small, muddy ponds, surrounded by willows, covered by duckweed, occupied by ducks or other friendly fowl, never occur in such number and so often like on our archaic, Polish countryside full of old fashioned and tiny farms. I always dreamed about having one of such water holes, that looks like if it was on its place since the beginning of the world, hiding in muddy depths medieval mysteries. If I had one, I would have brought, no matter of costs, emerald colored, young wave from Waikiki. Certainly one would have to take a special care of it - providing nice environment : favorite fish, corals and other species. All surfing, diving or ,God protect us , fishing, would be strictly forbidden. You might be however granted to taste the evening breeze and allowed to admire the sea monsters known from sailor’s legends, appearing in regular rhythm of oceanic pulse. If the Wave likes me, it would greet me by roar and lift, as it would have in its natural environment. When Winter comes , the Wave would fall asleep under ice and remain so until the Spring would wake it up. With time passing by , the wave will get older, calm down and get covered by duckweed. And so we will be getting old together.